Friday, May 28, 2010

Let's Make A Deal

Let's Make a Deal
is a weekly sales group of venders
offering some of the hottest specials
SL has to offer. Every Sunday at noon
slt the grid wide specials begun. Not
all vendors wish to be listed on the blog.
So be sure to check out the weekly list.
My head quarters is located at
where weekly submissions can be dropped off
& the fee for advertising on the blog can be paid
with the help of the ATM. the subscribeo is located
at where you can sign up for the weekly list to be
sent directly to you. Sales run from Sunday noon until
Saturday noon. So check often to see new deals.

Write Aurora Tremmor for
detail or an app. We are looking to offer the best SL has going.
So if you know of a dealer who wishes to make a deal pass on our applicant.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Let's Make A Deal (how to info & how to join)

Hi I am Aurora Tremmor and I would like to "Welcome"
you all to "Lets Make A Deal......"

It is a weekly group starting on June 6th so please
return your notecard to me soon. I want to add you
to the group, as soon as I can. The point of this group
is as follows. You are a creator and wish to offer one item
of yours for a one week time frame...
at half off the reg cost.

So if an item is 250L you will offer it at 125L
for that week...and so on.
Please no item more than 150L no matter what....
We want to appeal to the bargain hunter in all of us.....

Easy as can post up to 3 items a week...they will
run from from Sunday to Sunday.....changing every Sunday at
noon SLT. You must join the group and place a sign at
your store. Sending out weekly notices concerning the
group would be nice. Anything to get it in full swing....

Rename this notecard with:
Let's Make A Deal (your name)(your store name)
Or it will be lost in my inventory forever.

Your Name:

Your Partners Name:

Your Stores Name:

Your Landmark:


Do you own a group:

What Item(s) would you like listed on June 6th:

Picture of item(s):

Sale Price:

Reg Price:

Infor Concerning Item(s):

Infor Concerning Your Store: